Toppings & Accessories

Ice Cream Treats

The perfect accompaniments to our award winning ice cream, our delightfully sweet toppings.

Discover our range of toppings and accessories to take your desserts to the next level! Choose from a variety of flavours, colours, and textures to enhance your sweet offering. Perfect for adding a little extra sparkle and flavour.

Ice Cream Treats | Cavan
Colour Strands | Ice Cream Treats | Cavan

Colourful, Sweet & Fruity Toppings

Make your desserts vibrant with our colourful & sweet topping range!
Choc Honeycomb 2 | Ice Cream Treats | Cavan

Chocolate Toppings

Deliciously decadent, irresistibly indulgent chocolate.

Lotus Biscuit 2 | Ice Cream Treats | Cavan

Biscuit Toppings

Crumble your way to deliciousness.

chocolate ice cream ball | Ice Cream Treats | Cavan


A taste of Nutty Heaven.

771314446 | Ice Cream Treats | Cavan


Taste the freshness – with our Smootheelicious smoothie mixes!
288197462 | Ice Cream Treats | Cavan


Chill Out with Our Delicious Slush!

Our slush syrup is super concentrated, meaning that a little goes a long way, allowing you to make more drinks for less. Simply mix the syrups with water to create the perfect slush mix. Enjoy the delicious taste of a classic slush drink every time.