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Passionately Produced Ice Cream

With Irish grass-fed cows, skilled craftsmanship, and a dedication to selecting the finest ingredients, our ice cream production journey is one of flavour, quality, and delight.
Sourcing the Finest Ingredients
At the very core of our production story are the milk and cream from Irish grass-fed cows. Raised on lush green pastures, these cows produce milk of unparalleled richness and quality, serving as the perfect canvas for our array of delightful flavour creations.
Handcrafted Ice Cream
Our commitment to creating ice cream that's nothing short of premium quality is reflected in our handcrafted approach. Every batch undergoes meticulous preparation, with ingredients carefully selected to achieve an impeccable texture and a flavour profile.
Flavour Innovation
An incredible array of flavourings and extracts are expertly blended through our dairy base mix, including vanilla, fruit purees, and occasionally, even a touch of Irish liqueurs! This mixture is then frozen down into ice cream, paving the way for the introduction of our mouthwatering ripples and inclusions, including locally sourced jam, luxuriously thick caramel and velvety smooth chocolate.
Joyful Indulgence
Our ice cream is more than just a product to us; it's a combination of passion, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. We are passionate about creating memorable dessert experiences that bring joy and delight to our customers, and we aim that every spoonful represents the care that goes into each step of our production process, ensuring that every bite is a moment of pure joy.
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Dairy Free

We believe that everybody should be able to enjoy an Ice Cream Treat, regardless of their dietary restrictions. That's exactly why we have crafted our range of delicious dairy-free ice cream. Vegan-certified and 100% dairy-free!

Do you know we offer bespoke production?

Our technical team at Ice Cream Treats collaborate closely with development chefs to create product specifically tailored for their own unique menus.

For further details, please reach out to us at info@icecreamtreats.ie or info@icecreamtreats.co.uk for UK inquiries.


Ice Cream Treats at home

There’s joy in every scoop with our Ice Cream Tubs

Discover the pleasure of our Gelato, the creaminess of our Irish Frozen Yogurt, and the dairy-free magic of Ice Beam from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re impressing your guests by serving up our ice cream as a companion to your favourite dessert, or simply satisfying your own craving for a sneaky midnight treat, our range of ice cream tubs will become your top choice.

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Irish Frozen Yogurt

Ice Beam Dairy Free

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Ice Cream Treats

Indulge in every bite with our decadent cakes

Our collection of premium chocolate cakes and cheesecakes are the perfect indulgent dessert solution. Pre-portioned & ready to serve once defrosted.

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Chocolate Fudge Premium 2 | Ice Cream Treats | Cavan

Chocolate Fudge Premium

With a moist and tender crumb, our chocolate fudge cake is the perfect balance of sweetness and richness.

Chocolate base, chocolate cream and chocolate glaze.

Chocolate Cake Prague 2 | Ice Cream Treats | Cavan

Chocolate Prague Cake

Delicate sponge cake with a light and airy texture, perfectly balanced with rich chocolatey flavour.

Chocolate base, chocolate cream and chocolate curls.

Cheesecake Classic 2 | Ice Cream Treats | Cavan

Cheesecake Classic

With a rich and velvety texture, this classic cheesecake is a perfect balance of tangy and sweet flavours.

Butter biscuit base, cream cheese.
Cheesecake Salted Caramel Marble 2 | Ice Cream Treats | Cavan

Salted Caramel Marble Cheesecake

A heavenly combination of creamy cheesecake with a luscious salted caramel drizzle.

Caramel butter biscuit base, caramel cream cheese, caramel filling.

Dessert Toppings & Accessories

Ice Cream Treats
Elevate Your Ice Cream Experience & Take Your Desserts to the Next Level!
Pair our award-winning ice cream with an array of delightfully sweet toppings. We have designed our versatile range of toppings & dessert sauces to add that perfect finishing touch. Whether you’re drizzling over ice cream, blending into milkshakes, or infusing extra indulgence and colour, our dessert toppings & sauces are the ultimate ingredients to making your Ice Cream Treats truly exceptional.
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